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2010 Topps Series 2 Baseball Cards Hobby Box (36 packs/box, 10 cards/pack) – Randomly inserted Autographs, Memorabilia Cards, plus Jason Heyward Rookies!

  • Factory Sealed, Unopened Box of 2010 Topps Baseball Cards Series 2 !
  • 36 packs/box, 10 cards/pack
  • 330 different regular issue cards available plus dozens of rare inserts, parallels, autographs, patches & more!
  • Look for rare variation cards as well!
  • Check back weekly, as we are always adding more inventory!!

Each sealed box contains 36 packs of 10 cards each in a 330 card set. >>> Each box contains ONE Memorabilia or Autograph card. Parallel sets: Gold 1:6 (#`d to 2010), Black (#`d to 59), Silk Collection (#`d to 50), Platinum (each is a 1-of-1), and Printing Plates (each is a 1-of-1). Inserts: Topps Attax Code cards 1:1, The Cards Your Mother Threw Out 1:3 (Original Back parallel 1:36), Topps Million Card Giveaway 1:6 (now with original T206 cards), The History of the World Series 1:6, Legendary Lineage 1:4, Topps 2020 1:6, Hall of Fame Buybacks, Turkey Red 1:4, 2010 MLB Rookies, MLB Exclusive Patch cards (#`d to 50), Peak Performance 1:4 (also Autograph, Dual Memorabilia > #`d to 50, Memorabilia, Autograph Memorabilia > #`d to 50, and Jumbo Memorabilia cards > #`d to 20), Memorabilia cards (Hat Logo 1:432 > #`d to 99, 1962 Mickey Mantle Relic reprint > #`d to 62, and Legendary Lineage > #`d to 50), Baseball Legends Cut Signature cards (each is a 1-of-1), and Sketch cards (each is a 1-of-1).

Price: $ 51.49

I really dont know why everyone wants to see what presents I got so bad, lol, but here you go...Also I will be announcing a new hobby of mine...
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