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5 Reasons (filled with authority) For Throwing Away Your

That's right, we're here to provide you with a not-at-all ironic, completely legitimate list detailing exactly why your growing business can afford to completely, 100% ignore first aid kits and just get along without them. Read on for our absolutely honest opinions on why this is a great, can't-fail idea.

#5: Injuries -- do they even happen anymore?

Come on, injuries? Do they really even happen? Frankly, I'm starting to think this whole "injuries" racket is just that -- a bunch of BS! Do you know anyone who's ever been injured? Come on, I bet you all probably said "no" right there. Wait, what's that? You do? Oh. Well, moving on....

#4: The human body can heal itself.

This seems to work in comics and various superhero films, and I'm really starting to think that it works in real life, too. I mean we see it all the time when we cut ourselves or something -- the body just heals itself right up! Who needs all this first aid crap, anyway?

#3: All that junk...

They're all full of complicated gauze and bandage and a bunch of stuff that I swear is just thrown in there to pad things out. Sure, a paramedic might tell you differently, explaining that each item in a kit is absolutely crucial for even the smallest injuries, but who really listens to paramedics (or doctors) anyway? We've got the internet instead!

#2: You can use things lying around the office instead.

Now we're getting creative. Have a bleeding flesh wound? Head over to your supply closet and see what you can use! There's probably all sorts of crap in there that can easily substitute for a proper first aid kid, right? Am I right? No?

#1: A stitch in time doesn't always save nine, does it?

Ah sure, they say being able to treat injuries with a first aid kit can save thousands of dollars in medical bills, workers compensation, and even eventual lawsuits, but who are "they" really? Doctors? Experts? Paramedics? When have they ever known anything?!

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