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Air Travel – Better Not Take What You Will Not Require

Most people do not spend as much time planning their packing as they did to plan their holiday. The result is usually a sleepless night before the trip, a long stare at the closet and then begins and immediate dumping into the suitcase of whatever items your hands latch upon first. Most of us have been through such experiences and hence it very important to learn how to pack well for a trip so that we can be relieved from these anxiety attacks.

It is a very common habit of most of us that we do not give a single thought before we start our packing and by the end we tend to take our whole closet with us thinking that we would require each and every item. In most cases, the vacation has been planned well in advance, and we are well aware of what kind of vacation it is going to be. Hence it is imperative to invest some time and list down all the places you would be visiting and what kind of activities you would be involved in. This will help in knowing what type of clothes you would require to carry.

First of all you should select a suitable wheeled suitcase. There may be many cheap suitcases available in market but they may not last long. It is advisable to invest in some suitcases which suit your need and which are also durable. But you need to take into consideration the size and weight as well as there would be some restrictions on cabin baggage particular when you traveling by air.

Once you are done with your suitcase, you should be ready with a detailed list of things that you need to pick or plan to purchase. A good thumb rule is to pick lesser numbers of pants in preferably dark shades which can match with various shirts. Not more than two pairs of shoes, your daily undergarments, jacket or sweater depending on the weather of the place you are visiting.

Rolling up smaller clothes will not only save the room in the bag but also will not waste those small spaces in suitcase. Make sure you pack clothing ensembles that will easily allow you to mix and match, so that you can carry lesser items of clothing.

Do carry flashlights or torches with you for some emergency. In such cases while carrying any item with batteries, insert the batteries in a reversed manner. This will help to prevent them from draining out if the item is accidentally turned on.

It is vital to keep photocopies of your important documents like passport, itineraries, and tickets with you. It will also help if you keep a digital copy in USB Flash drives. If you are a globetrotter that you cannot do without a multiple country adapter to use your electronic items.

You must have realized by now that packing a suitcase is not an easy task. Hence do not keep your packing for the last minute. Start planning the day you have planned your vacation. Also avoid packing any cash, travel documents, passport, and other valuables in your suitcase. Carry them with you. Follow these tips and your suitcase would be lean and you would travel happy!

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