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Annoying Web Design Can Turn Visitors Away

When you create your web design, one of the things you need to take note of is whether the appearance of your site annoys visitors or not. Have you ever come across a site that you wanted to get out of right away because of its annoying layout? Some sites are like that. Even though you haven't seen the content, you want to get out as soon as possible because the design annoys you. It's like there's a negative vibe.

If your web design has this negative vibe, then no one would want to go to your site, not even if you offer great content. You will not be able to generate good traffic.

Consider how your visitors would feel about your site. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Think about what would annoy you and what would not. This way, you will be able to improve your site and generate good traffic.

An annoying web design will put to waste all marketing efforts, no matter how good they are. If visitors don't like your site, then they will not visit it. You will also find it hard to rank well in search engines.

You may be surprised to know about this, but it doesn't take much to annoy your readers. Being careless with what you put in your home page and other parts of your site can tick your readers. Here are some of the things that can make your web design annoying:

Using big fonts - this can be one very annoying thing. If you use big fonts, it's like you are shouting at your readers. No need to shout when they can hear you loud and clear, right? So if you want to stop being annoying, use the normal font size.

Having background music on each page of your site - this can annoy your visitors to high levels. There is no reason to put background music on each page. This will discourage your readers from reading further. They will want to stop hearing the music so they'll just get out of your site.

Using pop up windows incessantly - getting boxes of advertisements and other stuff pop out of your screens can be very, very annoying. Especially if you are looking for a very important information on the site. If your web design utilizes pop ups, you can be making your visitors see red. You may be preventing them from getting the information they want.

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