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Building An LED Grow Light Set For Your Indoor Garden

Purchasing an LED grow light can be expensive. Sometimes you can cut back on your overall costs by simply making one yourself. The project itself will take several hours if you aren't experienced, and perhaps more if you aren't normally handy at creating new things.

Step one is buying all the parts you need. You will need all of the common things such as LED lights and wire, but also look into getting something to mount the system on. You don't have to be fancy, a large plastic tub should be sufficient. Also buy a power supply that you can trust- not a flimsy one that will burn out after a few weeks.

Perhaps the hardest part is going to be planning out the design of the circuit you are making. You will need to learn some basic electronics technology theory if you aren't keen on how to assemble a basic circuit. You will need to learn how many ohms of resistance you need to take the current down to a usable level. You will also need to learn how to use a transistor to make a basic switching circuit.

You will need two things during the building phase. It's nice to get a solderless circuit board to test the circuit and see if it works. That way you don't waste your time building something that was flawed from the start. The circuit board is the next phase, in which you use solder to connect all the points. You could just use the solderless board if you wanted, but it would be less sturdy.

The plastic tub mentioned earlier is to fix your circuit inside of. It will provide a natural directional spotlight that allows you to direct the flow of light to a fixed area. Without it, the LED lights would illuminate the entire room and this may not be desirable. You can skip the plastic tub if this won't be a problem, and if the room is just for indoor gardening, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Once entirely complete, you should start looking on ways to improve your design. For instance, some make the mistake of using green LED lights, when in fact you only need blue and red to fuel the right source of energy to plants. You can also increase the efficiency of your circuit if you find it is consuming too much energy.

Final Thoughts

There are stores that sell these sets and kits already, so look into buying an already made LED growth system. You will save time, and maybe even money if you aren't an expert at electronics technology. Shipping is also fast- so you can have it delivered in just days.

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