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Car Crash, Whiplash, Then Chiropractic?

Some of the most common questions that can arise after a serious automobile accident are people asking themselves if they are going to need chiropractic care. Is it even necessary? How important is chiropractic care after an automobile accident? Should you be worried that you might need chiropractic care?

The truth is that after any serious injury chiropractic care can be extremely important-and often necessary. If for any reason the vertebra moves or is forced out of its normal alignment, it can cause pressure in the neck, back and associated nerves, resulting in severe and sometimes immediate pain after the accident. However, sometimes severe pain does not set in until a few days after the accident.

Anyone who is experiencing any severe pain or certain types of symptoms after an auto accident may want to consider seeing a doctor of chiropractic, as these types of pain almost always indicate a misalignment of the spine. These symptoms typically include a severe headache that isn't resolved with the use of pain medication, back and neck aches or stiffness, and aching or stiff joints. In this instance, it is most likely that spinal misalignment that is the primary issue. Chiropractic treatment is a very good idea in these instances. The chiropractor will not only adjust the misalignment, but he or she can also help in determining the severity of any potential soft tissue injury.

In some cases where injuries go undetected or untreated for many months or years, too much time may pass to detect the root or the cause of the pain. That is where the importance of immediate chiropractic care comes into play. A chiropractor can start to diagnose potential problems immediately after the accident, which may otherwise go unnoticed. Respectively, chiropractic care can also be very useful to provide relief from previous or older spinal, nerve, neck and back problems or injuries. Chiropractic care can gently and safely provide relief from a wide variety of back and other pains due to an accident without the need for any surgery or medication.

Generally, after one has experienced an auto accident or other serious accident or injury, he or she tends to focus on the obvious injuries that can be seen rather than the ones that require deeper examination. After any type of injury, the body's own natural healing process will start producing scar tissue. However, this scar tissue will always remain more sensitive than uninjured tissue. Receiving proper and immediate chiropractic treatment following a severe injury ensures that the spine is in its best position before the scar tissue formation can start, meaning that if the spine is properly aligned before all of this happens, the chances are very slim that the patient will face any further problems following the chiropractic treatment.

In essence, visiting a chiropractor after an auto or other serious accident is a wise decision. The faster one goes to a chiropractor for treatment, the better the end results will be.

Aaron Kovac D.C. is a chiropractor. Need an Ahwatukee Chiropractor? Consider a visit to this Ahwatukee Chiropractor.