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Features To Consider Before Investing In An LCD High Definition TV

For selecting the best model easily, do a little research before visiting local stores. Here are some hints on how to make the ideal selection.


When it comes to choosing the size of your new HDTV, you should first consider where it is going to be placed in your home and how much room you will have. When using a smaller HDTV as a computer screen, such as the 26-34 inch models, make sure it is placed where there can be a four foot distance between the two of you. If that doesn't work, you may want to buy a smaller one.

The HDTV must be bought according to the size of your living room, so size selection is a very crucial part of purchasing a HDTV. If there's at least 6 feet of distance between your couch and your TV, you should get a 42-50 inch one. In case you have 7 or 8 feet in space, you could think about getting a bigger 55-65 inch model.

Image quality:

If you want to watch plenty of HD movies on your new TV, be sure to get the 1080p model. If you are not able to buy a expensive model you can get a 720p model since it is less expensive These high-resolutions are excellent for watching Blu-ray and HD movies.

LCD or Plasma:

LCD HDTVs are lighter when compared to most plasma HDTVs. Although a plasma HDTV leads in image quality. I say that it is worth every penny, even if it is little more expensive. Plasma HDTVs are best used in dimmer lighting conditions. A LCD HDTV is far better if you are planning to get a HDTV to display in a bright area.

Choosing A Brand:

This is often the toughest decision when it comes to buying a HDTV as each brands have their own set of unique features. To put is simply, Samsung and Sony currently produces some of the best LCD HDTVs in the market. Planning to buy a Plasma TV? Go for Panasonic models, which will be a good choice you make. A Pioneer plasma model is a good one to have if you have a lot of money.

One High Definition TV which I specifically love is the UN55B7000. This 55-inch flat screen is the perfect HDTV for watching the big game on. Find out more on the UN55B7000 here.