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Finding An Economical and Full Service Internet Merchant Account Just Got Easier

Merchants who provide products and services online, mobile or physical retail locations and have to be cautious about several things. First, the costs associated with setting up an Internet merchant account need to be within reason. This fee should not prevent a merchant from moving forward due to high costs. A reasonable set up fee would be less than $30. Annual fees are not necessary and monthly rates should not be any more than a match to the set up cost. After all, companies such as PayLeap will make their profits by volume due to increased customer satisfaction.

While choices are a large part of commerce, why would any company want to choose exorbitant fees or services that are incomplete? When looking at an Internet merchant account such as PayLeap has to offer there is a lot to gain. Credit card rates can run some merchants into the ground. When there is a rate as low as 2.15 percent, plus .25 why would these merchants go elsewhere? What happens if there is a monthly minimum and it is not met? There are no such worries with PayLeap. No matter the minimum there are no minimum balance fees.

Streamlining business is convenient and just makes good sense. With an Internet merchant account through PayLeap the Internet merchant can count on credit card, ACH, echeck all in one application. Gift cards are becoming more popular by the day. Imagine what it would be like to be able to process them electronically. This is an exclusive of PayLeap.

Recurring billing is free, compared to almost $10 per month for other services. Uploading a batch is free as well as live training and support. The user licenses are at no charge to an unlimited number of designees. Fraud is a big issue, which travels among many businesses. Naturally there is no charge to detect fraud. The merchants, their customers and PayLeap come out ahead.

Traditional merchant account comes free with bundling. This puts PayLeap Internet merchant account offerings ahead. There are no fees for secure online payment or integration of the shopping cart. Any custom payment forms are at no charge and are standard. Including a private label with a company logo is a part of the package. When looking at options for Internet merchant accounts it pays to compare and make a decision based on industry standards. Additionally, look at features, which make payment-processing work for any Internet business.

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