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Finding your ideal hobby – Part 1

Finding the Perfect Hobby

Before I begin, let me tell you what I think a hobby is. For me, a hobby is anything; that someone likes to do with their spare time. There are no set limits on what a hobby can consist of.

It's hard to tell what the perfect hobby is. For some it could be knitting, crocheting, needle point, painting, woodworking, I could go on forever if I were to list all the crafts that people can do but you hobbyist's out there know what I'm talking about.

These days, anything that you like to do, and do often, is classed as a hobby. If you enjoy doing it, whatever you choose to do with your time, it can be your hobby, no matter what anyone else classes it as. Not everyone agrees on what type of enjoyment can turn into someone's hobby.

I've done so many different crafts that I don't think I should list all of them or I may never finish this story. If you like to do crafts, try anything and everything you find, you will never know if it's right for you if you don't try all that's out there. When it comes down to picking just one craft that I'd like to do, I can't pick, I like to do too many different things.

I like to try and make up my own patterns in knitting, crocheting and plastic canvas. Some even turn out pretty well, but others, well, they looked pretty funny. I sell a lot of the crafts I make to others who want them at craft sales and personal buyers. I make pretty good money too; especially around the holidays. You'd be surprised to find out what people will pay for home-made projects. I found that I can make a little money for something that I do just sitting in front of the TV and keeping my hands busy.

Doing crafts is also calming when your nerves get the better of you. I find that I can totally loose myself in my crafts, the hours just fly by. It's amazing how you will feel, when you see the picture taking form right before your eyes. Everyone should have a hobby, something they can turn to when they need a get-a-way from the pressures of life going on around them; they can disappear for a while from reality.

I don't think there is anyone out there that does not have something they like to do to take their mind off of other things, even if it's only something small. Hobbies do not need to be big or large projects, it can be something small and insignificant things that you like to do to keep yourself busy.

A hobby is not limited to crafts only; there is any number of things out there that has nothing to do with crafts. A hobby can be anything under the sun. A hobby is something that makes you feel good about the time you spend on it. A hobby can be anything from counting tooth picks to sculpting. As long as you enjoy doing it, it's a hobby.