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Finding your ideal hobby – Part 2

"MY HOBBY IS MUCH COOLER THAN YOURS!" I would say to you,but I can not really say that because there may be better hobbies than mine but I like it! but,well maybe it is not the coolest and yes you may think that I don't have the coolest hobby but I think it is. Well if you must know I have many, many hobbies! But I will only tell you one, for now that is, and my favorite! My first and favorite hobby is in fact swimming I am on a swim team, I am so proud of it, my coach is so helpful to me she kept me from quiting that was the greatest thing I have ever done I think I might have wanted to quit because i did not have friends, if you have friends with you in making a decision on a hobby you can consider one with your closest buddies it may help a lot!but back to my swimming thing ha ha, but it may be hard at times but I love it! you may be wondering what is the hobby for you, are you willing to ask yourself what do you like to do, you don't have to be good at something to have fun at it, all you have to do is HAVE FUN! so get out there, do your best and be sure you remember to HAVE FUN! Well if you were wondering what some of my other favorite hobbies are I will tell you I also want to thank you all who like my work and want more of it, so thank you so much! some of my other favorite hobbies are drawing ( I love to draw my friends and family and my pets!) i love to baby-sit my little sister for my parents, yes I am only thirteen but what the heck! I absolutely love to write, either poems or articles for my teachers, friends,, and my family for that matter! I also love to walk and play with my dog she is so cool I love my dog so much she acts like a person she is so funny! So thats just my hobbies, so what are yours I would love to know! if you don't know what your hobby is go find yours I hope you'll really have a fun time with your new hobby! I hope to see you being able to figure out what your hobby is! so good luck I mean have fun and yeah I have hope for you to find what you are looking for and if you do find great job and maybe you can help friends or family find a hobby for themselves! so yeah good luck! oh and one more thing if you cant find a hobby thats right for you, that is just perfectly fine! try to join a club that may be helpful so have fun, See ya!