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Finding your ideal hobby – Part 3

Finding your ideal hobby can be difficult, but one way to find a new hobby or build on an old one, is to look back into your childhood. What did you like to do?.. Did you draw, paint, color, run, read?... think back to what you liked as a child, and then maybe build on that.

Another way, is to go to a local craft show, or hobby show, and see what is out there and what others are doing... you may walk up and down the aisles, and then suddenly something hits you, and you realize that you would like to do that.

If you have found a hobby you think you will enjoy, start slowly.. you don't want to run to the hobby store, and buy 500.00 dollars worth of high end supplies, only to find you really don't like it after all, and it caused more stress then it did relieve!

Crafting or a good hobby is suppose to make you unwind, and help with stress.. Your home is suppose to be a soft spot to land at the end of the day, and unwind, and after all the necessary chores are done, you can relax with your hobby.. so don't try and jump in to quickly, it will just put you off.

Learn about the hobby you want to start from someone who is doing it, or go to a good hobby store or craft store, and get some advice, especially on the bare supplies you would need to get started to see if you like it.. If its painting, start with a small pack of water paints and a canvas pad of paper... if you like that and start to feel comfortable, then research more products, and get books.

You can get some great books from the library on your chosen hobby, and that can be a hobby in itself, reading about various hobbies... take your time, enjoy yourself, and allow that inner child out and have some fun!