All about hobbies

Finding your ideal hobby

Why choose a hobby?

Many choose a hobby to pass the time.

There's work and play and hobby is probably more associated with play.

Some play at work.

Some work at play.

Some expect hobbies to at least in the short run be relatively free of money making potential.

"It's supposed to be a diversion...a recreation...not money making oriented."

There are card games like Crazy Eights.

There's assembling with friends to enjoy a hobby.

Perhaps more people believe that a hobby is a one person thing.

How about model assembly, like toy airplanes?

You get your plastic pieces, glue them together via the instructions, and the result might be a relaxing break from the rest of your routines.

For the relaxation, other things might benefit, your health, maybe your ability to put into perspective problems...stresses leave and perhaps a less stressed structure is after sleeping.

Body needs sleep. Body sleeps. Efficiency is regained.

Some insist that hobbies be taken up.

"You'll be better if you take up a hobby. It will relax you and you'll have better response time after. You know that it's at least a general idea and has application. I think for you, it's accurate and I find that it's due you take up a hobby."

Which one is it then? Lots of them? Do you choose one yourself?

"You're so know of such hobbies...I can blame you if it doesn't're paying me to pick up a name it and pay the costs and I'll suffer it or enjoy it."

The buck passed back to might have to wonder.

Which blinking hobby is it that I'm supposed to guess at will be in our mutual best interest to 'impose'?

Plan for its future? Just offer a list?

"Look up the list yourself please and if you have time, please share your choice." omparison


Maybe there it sits...maybe it doesn't.

Maybe you muse to yourself "That's probably some list...maybe I should have as a back up a list that I believe is better, ignorant of the rest of the person's life...if I need impose" and you stand ready to impose a different hobby or cross one off the person's list.

Maybe you give up being 'armchair analyst similarly qualified' or you pursue a credential. I dunno.

To go into specifics might be too much an imposition.

Ignoring the idea of the person leaving at least temporarily and to a distance a standard routine might go against the idea of 'required change'.

Maybe you need to be with more people instead of forever tapping away at keyboard and duplicate bridge is your best ticket for a structured sharing of time with others at a mentally stimulating game for your active mind.

It's a move toward people being around you and your faculties continuing to be active in a 'more social' context. te+bridge