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Hobby-Bike Balance Bike BLUE Reviews

All Hobby Bikes include the pedal system attachment, tool kit for assembly and the Hobby Horse stuffed animal and free shipping. FEATURES SAFETY FIRST! * Rubber parts are Phthalate-free. * Paint certified lead-free and significantly below the ASTM limits for heavy metal content. What Come's In the Box? * 1 - Partially assemble Hobby Bike * 1 - Hobby Horse Plush Toy (handlebar protection) * 1 - Pedal System with Fastening Screws * 1 - Chain and Chain Guard * 2 - Pedals * 1 - Tool Kit * 1 - Owners Manual Construction & Parts * Tires are pneumatic rubber, with colored strips. Making rough and bumpy paths comfortable for the rider. They can tolerate up to 40PSI, but we suggest 20-25 PSI for best shock absorption. * Comfortable saddle (adjustable in height) * Handlebar and stem on twin bearings for smooth pivot (adjustable in height) * Handbrake system suitable for young riders who can familiarize themselves with the braking concept and stop while using both feet for balance * Fork * Plush toy which serves as handlebar protective padding * Frame Lightweight steel frame that's built kid-tough * Trial slot drop-end allows a custom fit of the frame height * 12" wheels supported by 20 radially spaced spokes * Removable pedal system, reducing weight during balance learning phase and eliminating possible injuries from spinning crank and pedal assemblies * Chain guard * Chain * Coaster brake allows the bicycle to move forward without requiring the pedals to turn. It is also a brake when back-pedaling. Additional Information * Fast and easy to assemble; all necessary tools included * Maximum weight tolerance: 132 lbs * Recommended for ages 21/2 to 5 years * Available in blue, pink , red and yellow * Measurements: Length 32' -- Height at its lowest position 22.5 -- Width at handlebar 13' * Seat adjusts from 15.75" to 20.5" * Weight without pedal system is 8 lbs, and with is 10 lbs

Price: $ 129.99

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