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Hobby-Bike Balance Bike RED

  • Tires are pneumatic rubber, with colored strips. Making rough and bumpy paths comfortable for the rider. They can tolerate up to 40PSI, but we suggest 20-25 PSI for best shock absorption.
  • Comfortable saddle (adjustable in height)
  • Handbrake system suitable for young riders who can familiarize themselves with the braking concept and stop while using both feet for balance
  • Removable pedal system, reducing weight during balance learning phase and eliminating possible injuries from spinning crank and pedal assemblies
  • Coaster brake allows the bicycle to move forward without requiring the pedals to turn. It is also a brake when back-pedaling.

This cool and unique toy from Inter-Axion is balance bike that converts to a pedal bike. Balance bikes are an amazing learning tool used by parents to teach children how to ride a bike without relying on training wheels. This balance bike promotes confidence, balance skills and gross motor skills.

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List Price: $ 129.99

Price: $ 129.99