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Home Owner Tips On Applying For A Rent To Buy Mortgage

When you go to sit down with a loan officer, you will probably already have the mind set that you will have to put down a large sum of money. That isn't always the case, however. Some types of mortgages, such as the rent to buy mortgage, will have home owners proving their worth in other ways.

A real estate property that you can afford is easy to calculate. Take your salary, and be sure to include that of your spouse if you happen to have one. Around five times this amount will be the respectable portion to ask for in a rent to buy mortgage. Of course the average mortgage term is fifteen years, so there is some leeway in calculating this total.

Since part of the money you will pay in rent will go towards a deposit, you will no longer have to save for years on end just to get approved for a mortgage. If you are living from one paycheck to another, you already know how hard it can be to get approved with average credit and a moderate-paying job. This is ideal for an unplanned family situation.

Unfortunately for the lessee, a rent to buy mortgage puts the tenant in charge of all maintenance and upkeep charges. If your hot water heater goes bad, you will be the one to pay for it instead of being able to have a landlord pay for it. For this reason, the home owner should have a pool of money ready for repairs and maintenance.

Even though the United States doesn't offer as much freedom in mortgage loans as other countries such as European nations, there are still opportunities for citizens living in the US. It could be tough finding a lender willing to accept a rent to buy mortgage, so the focus becomes looking towards private sellers who would like to sell their home in this fashion. If you do find a willing home owner to do so, you will still have to pay a lawyer to help with the ordeal.

Bad credit shuts many borrowers down when they are looking for a mortgage. Even bad credit can't get in the way of those with only "fair" credit, since it builds credibility over one or two years of rental payments. Lenders will see that paying inflated rent, usually at rates high as a mortgage payment or greater, is responsible enough to take a chance so long as the home owner stays up to date.

Final Thoughts

Lenders will offer free insight, even if you don't intend on getting a rent to buy mortgage with them. Go to the bank you do business with on a daily basis and see if you can talk to a loan adviser. If all goes well, you can get an appointment to get a free consultation.

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