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How I relax: My favorite hobbies – Part 1

How do I relax: My favorite hobbies, this is a very interesting statement as people have many different hobbies,anything you can think of to enjoy to pass the time can be turned into a hobby such as one of the largest scrap booking which a million dollar hobby & also this hobby can be turned into a very successful business I myself am a beginner scrap booker. Already I have seen that this hobby can become very expensive but also very rewarding, I have started buying supplies to begin my new hobby as a scrape booker. This hobby is a new one but my first love is crocheting as a hobby.

Let us talk about crocheting for awhile this hobby I learned as a teenager of 16yrs old, one of my friend was crocheting a blanket for her son, I thought it was very pretty & wanted to learn the technique, so we sat down and soon after an hour or so I learned how to crochet.

I went to the store & bought several different colors to start my own blanket, after several weeks I had finished a small blanket for my bed I was so proud of it something that I made myself. Soon after that every free moment that I had I was crocheting, made several different blankets for friends & family, soon my mom & my sister joined our little crochet circle well that was many yrs ago, now I have learned to make my hobby into a money making hobby.

Now let us talk about crochet as a money making hobby, you see there is this wonderful thing called the Internet today in the age of computers it makes it very eay to sell items on the web for instance E-Bay. I had showed one of my friends the blankets that I made her suggestion was that I try to sell the blankets on E-Bay that just maybe I could make some money. I thought about it for awhile then started to design some blankets to sell on E-bay. I looked up the site read the instructions for setting up an account & auctions soon after a little while I set up my own auction soon after a few tries of listing a few blankets I started selling a few of them, this big brain storm stared about 5yrs ago now I am an E-bay store owner (Creations By Susie) I only have a few blankets listed & have a low feedback sore but all of my feedback is 100% I have sent blankets as far away as France, Japan, Hawaii, London, Canada & all over the United States, in fact I have gotten more international orders that in the US the only problem is that I messed up on the postage had to learn how to regulate it so now I put calculate by location that works well for me.

When I crochet my blankets I make twin size to king size for the bed it takes my awhile to make a king size bed but when it's finished it's so pretty I get so much satisfaction out of it. So whenever I am stressed I get home from work do whatever I need to do then sit down to an hr or so of crocheting soon I feel my stress going away & I feel better my husband laughs at me but on the other hand he is very proud of me for managing to make a few bucks out of my hobby.

So now I find myself looking on e-bay to find a good buy on yarn I have found that I can get what is called a bundle of yarn for a good price, these bundles are usually from estate sales when a person has passed away & was a crafty person & their family either doesn't have the craft talent or just want to get rid of the craft supplies which is good for me or I try to find good sales in the stores so everyone in my family call me when some store is having a yarn sale, so relaxing with your hobby, yes a very good statement everyone needs something to do in their spare time that they enjoy this will help to relieve some of the stress of todays every day life.