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How I relax: My favorite hobbies – Part 2

Hobbies are one of the main things that define a person. We may have jobs we hate, but our hobbies are what we truly love to do. A person's hobby says so much about their personality, past, desires, dreams, and so much more. Hobbies are people's passions. No matter what else is going on in someone's life, hobbies are also their escapes.

For me, hobbies are a release and a reflection of my hopes and dreams. Music is my main hobby. It is difficult to get into the music business, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy music as a hobby until I manage to break into the business. Writing songs and being able to put them to music relaxes me like nothing else. Putting my experiences, hopes, and fears into words releases the stress and tension I've been holding in.

Often times, words fail me when I try to talk to someone. When I pick up an instrument, I begin to play and the music says everything. With the music playing through my mind, words I would never have been able to say before suddenly pour forth creating my own personal work of art and another entry in my musical diary.

With a simple keyboard, guitar, and a notebook, I'm ready to write, sing and play to my heart's content. Several of my friends enjoy music as well. We have often gotten together in choirs and even just to play together and share our experiences. I enjoy online communities as well. Sharing tips and tricks with others and learning more about music is extremely relaxing. Knowing that music is such a big part of so many other people's lives helps me to feel like I'm part of something.

My other main hobby is writing. Creativity is the root of my hobbies. Creating something new is an amazing feeling, no matter what it is. Writing allows me to take words and create something meaningful. I can express my opinions or research a topic I've always wished to know more about.

Writing gives me the chance to learn and requires very little in relation to supplies. A notebook, pencil, or computer and you are ready to write. I love writing about my experiences, things I've learned, opinions, news stories, and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy.

Being able to write and share my words with friends, family, and people all over the world helps boost my confidence. Every time I write I learn a little more about my subject and about myself. Online communities have been a big help in helping me fine tune my writing. I have also met others that enjoy my hobby and always like hearing how they began writing.

Being able to lose myself in my hobbies is always an amazing stress relief. I always feel better after playing music or writing an article. Writing my feelings in a song or journal before bed helps me release any tension before trying to sleep. This helps me to have a happier life and better relationships with the ones I love.

No matter what, you should always make time for your hobbies. Taking time for your hobbies can change your life.