All about hobbies

How I relax: My favorite hobbies – Part 3

Hobbies are a lively person's passion. They are not necessarily what a person does for a living, but a hobby can become a full time endeavor. Hobbies are what make a person an enriched, well-rounded fun person to be around. To have a certain passion for something that isn't job-related makes a person so incredibly interesting, that person radiates warmth and exudes a certain self-confidence all because he or she delved into a world that they love.

I have one hobby that has contributed to making me a much more interesting person. (I sure hope so) I couldn't stand being around myself before I started writing. In fact, I love writing so much it has become a full time passion that I actually can't live without. It makes me feel great everyday to write something that actually makes sense, and that other people can read and that makes them feel good.

My husband is not one of those people that laugh easily, but when I write an article and sometimes I actually let him read what I've written. It's the best feeling in the world to get a chuckle or a guffaw out of him. Several times he even really laughed out loud, as in a real knee-slapper.

Writing is a way of communicating with other people via the written word. Sometimes, when I write an article it just seems like a well -written e-mail. But other times it is an article that was well researched, well thought out, and painstakingly prepared. I have noticed something when I write though, the things that are the hardest to write, and that I did the most work on, come out so badly done.

Personally, I think that when a person is truly passionate about a hobby they love to do, and that they work at it everyday, that hobby will become their career. Many people in today's world have started somewhere with what started as just a hobby, and because they loved doing it so much, it became their full time passion. When someone is truly passionate about something, it shows and it grows into a meaningful aspect of their lives.

Many well- known musicians, writers, and artists started their careers very early on in their childhoods as just a hobby. Time after time I have heard of so many people who loved to do something as a child and were given the opportunities to learn all they could about that hobby. A parent would give them wonderful guidance, and love and support, a teacher may have become a favorite mentor. With having the time, love and support and the inner confidence, children will take what started out as a fun hobby and make it into a lifetime career.

I went to college to become a writer, and became entangled with the college radio station. I made many great friends there that I am a still friends with today. But, that was never my hobby, or my passion. It was always writing that I would sneak back to. After having my kids, I started writing a lot more, because I had the material to work with. I found out that life experience actually makes for some pretty good topics. My husband was always the one person that fostered, and funded my writing.

He was really the only person that understood that I needed to write as a creative outlet. I always wanted to paint, but every time I tried, all I could do was come up with stick figures and things that looked like blobs.

Now, I understand the hobbies my kids have, and I am one hundred percent behind their efforts. Now I understand that a hobby can be a passion, something that someone is so interested in that he or she can't live without it. This hobby, this passion can turn into a lucrative career for people who put a lot of sweat equity into it, and because they love it so much, they can live the dream they desire.