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How I relax: My favorite hobbies – Part 4

Music relaxes me. All kinds of music, from classical to country. The tapes get tucked in the CD player of the car and the singing begins. Singing is something that I like to do, so I sing at the top of my lungs. Of course the car windows are up, to avoid the other driver from crashing. Music soothes me. The first thing I do when I walk into the house, is to turn on the radio.

Another hobby for me,is decorating the house. Rooms are decorated from floor to ceiling, with the office being done in bold colors to stimulate inspiration. Planning the rooms, was very relaxing because I could put my individual touches in them. Finding the Home and Garden Network not only became another hobby of mine, but saved me from making too many mistakes while decorating.

Traveling the United States has been a hobby of mine from the time I was a young child. Every state has something to offer. There are only a few that I have not been in. Capturing pictures spontaneously while visiting, can be a great way to relax.

My main hobbies, cooking, music, reading, shopping and having friends over are here to stay. But there are so many hobbies on the horizon. We live in a world that let's us be free to explore new adventures.

When my Dad took an early retirement, he had no hobbies. Slowly, he did less and less and died suddenly. He had so much to offer the world. But most important,he could have gotten so much more out of life, had he developed one hobby or another.

A hobby is merely an activity that a person enjoys doing. Taking a hot bubble bath with candles burning is a hobby. Creative writing may be another.

My next hobby is to take classes at a hardware store and learn how to do simple home projects.

The winter is ending and the Spring is coming, so outside I will plant huge blue and purple hydrangeas around the deck. Then moving on we will be planting some trees and watching them grow. I can think of many other things to do to relax, but for now I will enjoy the small things and move on to the bigger hobbies later.

A new Spa is opening in our area. I think I will call them and get a massage. After all pampering is a hobby too right?