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How To Buy Cigar Lighters Online

A quality lighter is a simple necessity, whether you smoke a pipe, prefer cigars or enjoy cigarettes. You'll find that a wide range of manufacturers have moved online and now offer convenient access to Nibo cigar lighters, as well as many other brands. You'll find excellent savings with these options, as well as simple shipping terms. However, when purchasing lighters off the Internet, you're likely to have several questions that you need to answer. One of the most common of these is whether that new lighter will be filled with butane when it arrives.

The short answer is "no." Manufacturers are prohibited by law from shipping lighters prefilled with butane. Why is this? First, butane poses the threat of fire during the shipping process. Even if damage does not occur to the lighter's casing, if sufficient heat is applied to the packaging, it's quite possible that the butane will ignite. Not only would this damage the lighter, but also it could damage other packages, the delivery person or even the handling facility.

Second, butane can pose a threat if it leaks without igniting. This fuel is technically a noxious gas and, as such, can pose serious health problems to those working with and handling the packages. If the case were to become cracked and the fuel to escape during shipping, in addition to the threat of fire, there's the threat posed by inhaling the fumes. This is obviously a poor situation for those carrying such packages and must be avoided. Thus, the government prohibits the shipment of lighters prefilled with butane.

Thankfully, you will find means to circumvent this issue. The simplest and easiest way to ensure that you can use your lighter as soon as possible is to have a canister of butane handy when the lighter is delivered. You will be able to fill the lighter with fluid, allow the fluid to warm up to ambient room temperature and then light your smokes with it. You should, however, know a few things specified by the manufacturer before purchasing any butane.

For instance, what type of butane do you need? What type of fuel filling nozzle is the lighter equipped with? Most of these are a standard design, to ensure they fit with almost every butane canister, but you cannot take chances. Find out the answers to these questions, purchase the type of butane specified by the maker and you'll be able to light up shortly after your lighter arrives.

Dave Sabot is the owner of specialty lighters store. With expert knowledge of cigar accessories, including torch cigar lighters, Dave also authors a highly rated blog featuring reviews of cigars.

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