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How To Lower Tax Debts With The Internal Revenue Service

If tax debt has you down, you do have options to either consolidate your debts or negotiate them with the United States government. In the end, the government can't make you pay more than you are able to reasonably pay.

An accountant is a handy thing to have when you are looking at tax debts. It's hard to pay more money to another professional to help aid you, but it is necessary and often pays out more in the end. An accountant already knows the rules and laws when it comes to negotiating with the IRS. Accountant shopping will help you save money.

Sometimes when you are self employed, you can easily lose track of your income and you might want to just file an extension on your taxes. This is because you know you will have the money to pay for the tax debts later, but due to some errors in your income tracking, you couldn't do it quarterly or annually. For tough tax debt problems, simply filing an extension won't help you in the long run.

There are times in which you know you are way in over your head. At these times, your only option might be to schedule a payment plan throughout the year to pay. A payment plan will please the IRS, as they are still getting their due, albeit a bit late. Payment plans are less applicable for cases in which you owe a lot of money, since you will continually be putting more debt onto the amount by the time the next tax season comes.

If you have good skills at bargaining, attempt to call the IRS and see if you can get them to compromise on an amount you owe that is more feasible. They will still look at your income reports and judge other debts- so don't view this as a guaranteed way to pay less on your taxes. Instead, you will only get enough breathing room to pay off your debts and still be financially stable enough to support your lifestyle.

A penalty fee is applied to all accounts that are late in payment. If you already know you will be late with your payment, a solution would be to file for a penalty abatement. A tax officer will be able to help you with this. It's not an overly complex process, but will take some work in filling out forms and contacting the IRS. In the end you can not only save on penalties, but also negotiate a fair debt price.

In Conclusion

Tax debt shouldn't put you through stress twelve months out of the year. Talk to a tax professional or accountant to see what kind of assistance they might be able to offer you. Consultation is always free for such services, so there isn't anything to lose.

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