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Kids Shorts Your Kids Will Want

Kids love to change clothes frequently. One can never know what will be in style from year to year. Shorts are often defined as pants that come just above or below the knee, but even that seems to have changed over the years. Some styles of shorts actually fall to mid-calf, yet still fall into this category. Knowing the various types of kids shorts which are available will help when shopping for a particular style.

Bermuda shorts, also known as walk shorts, are shorts that end approximately one inch above the knee. This style of kids shorts can be worn casually or more dressed up. Either way, this type of shorts has remained popular over the years and will continue to do so. Cargo shorts also tend to fall right around the knee region. These shorts are similar to cargo pants, with plenty of pockets for kids to place treasures in. Cargo shorts are usually made from khaki and will go with any style or color shirt.

Board shorts are another style of knee length shorts. These kids shorts are a combination of beachwear and bathing suits. They are called board shorts for the surf boarders which first popularized the style. With their bold colors and fashionable prints, any child would be proud to have a pair. Gym shorts fall mid-knee and are popular with children everywhere. Their loose fit allows for a wide range of movement and often have a draw string to customize fit.

If the child in your life prefers shorts that don't come to the knee region, look for styles such as bun-huggers or running shorts. Running shorts stop at the upper thigh and, like gym shorts, allow for a wide range of movement. Nylon is the preferred material as it can hold up to strenuous activity. Bun-huggers are short athletic shorts often seen in sports such as volleyball. These kids shorts barely cover the posterior and make many people feel uncomfortable so check with the wearer before purchasing.

Popular brands of kids shorts include such names as O'Neill, DC and Hurley. Hurley is very popular with surfers and kids love to mimic their idols. DC is a hot brand and you can't go wrong purchasing their shorts while O'Neill is a name that has been around for years and remains fashionable. Whichever brand and style of shorts you choose, look for colors that are currently in fashion. Children can be very particular about what colors they are willing to wear. Some prefer muted shades while other like to stand out in a crowd.

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