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Learn About The Fantastic Range Of Franke Sinks

As would reasonably be expected from the world's leading provider of kitchen equipment, when you buy a Franke Sink, you are getting something a little more than a simple kitchen sink. Indeed, such is the breadth of knowledge built over their respected history, they can advise which style and fitting would suit you best.

For some, a simple Single Bowled, Top mounted Stainless Steel design will be all that is necessary. However, if you are an entertainer at heart, or simply have a large family to cater for, perhaps the Double Bowled Granite option will be better suited. And for the professionals too, Triple Bowl, and Prep Bowls solutions are also available.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that only the best materials will be used. If you want something that will really stand up to anything you can throw at it, with no scratches or dents, then Granite should be your choice. However, even the Stainless Steel options will be more than adequate for the home kitchen. Whilst scratches will appear, these will soon blend into the finish and not detract at all from the operation or longevity.

Indeed, so good is the quality of Steel used, many a Franke Sink is to be found in the best commercial kitchens across the globe. With immensely thick 16gauge sinks available, it is easy to understand why. However, to keep costs down for the homeowner, the full range is available right down to 20gauge.

Whilst stainless steel is a brilliant material, it still needs some care and attention. For example; protective rubber mats should only be used sparingly, and removed immediately after use. If left in, these will only serve to trap iron deposits and cause discoloration. Once you have finished using the sink, give it a wipe with a dry cloth to remove all excess moisture and allow it to breath.

Advice is also available to help you care for your sink, with their dedicated network of experts and excellent website. Help is constantly available to answer any queries you may have, whether it is to relocate your unit, or customize it to better suit your changing needs.

You may not need this advice of course; but a well maintained sink will last forever, and never lose its look, functionality or appeal. If you are planning on designing a new kitchen, or perhaps you are looking for only the best facilities for your professional kitchen, a Franke Sink could well be the answer.

Before deciding amongst the many options in Franke Sinks be sure visit us to learn more about which Franke Sink will best suit your needs.