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Low Ceilings Call For Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a great option to keep the air circulating in a room. Perhaps you have seen ceiling fans in your friend's homes with their vaulted ceilings and wondered, if you could add a fan to your home with flat eight-foot ceilings. The answer is yes, if you use flush mount ceiling fans.

Traditional ceiling fans hung on a down rod. This down rod is hollow and lowers the fan eight or more inches below the ceiling. The down rod holds the fan motor in place and serves as a conduit for the electrical wires. In addition to providing power for the fan these wires may also provide power for the attached lights.

Older readers may remember older department stores with a balcony having ceiling fans in the front part of the store that had down rods that lowered the fan ten to twelve feet from the actual ceiling Flush mount ceiling fans, do not have the down rod, but have the motor in a housing that is mounted flush with the ceiling.

Ceiling fans can help you to use less power year round.

In the summer, with the fan set to push the air down, the breeze can allow you to set the thermostat higher and save on your cooling bill.

In the winter, reverse the fan and leave it on low. The heat that collects near the ceiling is pushed toward the floor for even heating of the entire room.

During the fall or spring, you may be able to turn off all other heating or cooling, open the windows and enjoy the breeze of the fan.

While very low ceilings may not allow you to install a light onto your fan, eight foot or taller ceilings will allow you to do so. You can choose for many kits available. Newer fans have remote controls that help to avoid the traditional pull chains of ceiling fans and light kits. An electrician can also install wall switches that will control both the fan and the lights.

Most do-it-yourselfers with any electrical experience will be able to install a ceiling fan. Just remember that you should not use an electrical junction box that is only designed for a regular light. You will need a box the attaches to both of the rafters to support the extra weight of the ceiling fan to prevent possible injury from a falling fan.

To correct a vibrating fan, see your owner's manual. There you will find instructions about balancing the blades.

Choose a flush mount ceiling fan for comfort and energy efficiency.

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