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Making Money Through Your Payment Gateway

From Aunt Fiona's home made chocolate fudge gift tins to special load-bearing compasses, everyone with anything to sell has used the world wide web to do it. It's just the way things are done now. Almost gone are the days of having to have a big store carry your product to make it big in this day and age.

These days you can go it alone by setting up a store front yourself on the Internet. All you need is a cool website and the ability to take credit cards and/or electronic checks over your site via a payment gateway. That way, you set your store up for business, go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning, ideally, you have orders waiting to be shipped and money already ready to be collected in abundance.

An effective payment gateway is key to getting your business up and going in a professional manner. Pretty much gone are the days of writing a check and mailing it in to a company for them to then ship your item. These days, everything is instantaneous. From the time your customer picks their item, clicks submit order or enters their credit card numbers, the time delay is only about 3 seconds before a reply is processed by the payment gateway software to let them know if the credit card was accepted or rejected.

This same gateway software package will provide you, the merchant, with a shopping cart program and fraud alert programming. It also encrypts the credit card information and sends it on to your merchant account in batches.

Additional features that your payment gateway software bundle will probably offer your business is a reporting program that allows you to view all the online transactions, correct them and store them to your business' record keeping program. Reports will allow you to see what's selling hot and what's not. This is a great entry level reporting system.

Let's for a second imagine you have a customer who heard about you from a source other than your website. Shocker, I know, but it could happen that word of mouth brought the customer to to call you instead of looking you up on the Internet. This software will allow you to take their order over the phone and process it right then and there. You have then been promoted from just an online business to something more, a telephone and Internet business.

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