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Marketing Your Brand with YouTube

Video is the future of the internet and a recent study showed that mobile users alone will consume 1.3 billion gigabytes of video a month by 2017. That means if you want to be competitive then you will need to get up to snuff and the fastest way to start using online video to market your brand is to use YouTube. If you truly want to have a great YouTube Marketing campaign, you'll need these basic tips.

Why YouTube? With over 110 million unique visitors a month who watch, on average, 65 videos per month, why would you want to be excluded from that? There are loads of opportunities available to market your product or service and expand brand awareness. Of course you've got to start somewhere so create an account, setup a channel and get it looking how you want it to look.

We have a good idea of how YouTube does ranking of its videos and that algorithm places a heavy emphasis on the following things ? Title, Description, Tags, Number of Views and Rating. In order to do well in the last two you must have great options for the first three. First off you need to have content that people are going to want to see, it's suggested that how-to videos are the way to go in the beginning as they will continue to be useful over time. This will be a firm foundation for a successful YouTube Marketing campaign.

You not only need interesting content, you need to optimize for the search engines. Since YouTube processes over 3.5 billion searches a month it's the 2nd largest search in the world. Optimization means having a very good, concise title, highly relevant tags (keywords), and a great description. In regards o the description, it's always good to include a clickable link in the first 27 characters. Why 27? Well that's the length of descriptions prior to ellipsis (the three dots you click to read more). Use a major keyword or tag as the clickable link as well and it will save space and be useful.

Other things that work for interaction are continued branding and calls to action throughout the video, a URL and phone number that show up in the video. Show the call-to-action in the thumbnail if you can manage it. Once your video is up add comments on popular videos with links to your videos but don't overdo it as it will look like spam. Also you might consider making spin-offs of already popular videos. This is not an all-inclusive list of things to take into account when attempting YouTube Marketing, but they're a sure way to get you on the road. More tips can be found at

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