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May Allergy Sufferers Still Keep Cats & Dogs?

How are you able to tell if you are sensitive to the pets in your home? There are a multitude of different causes and sometimes, it's hard to discern which allergen might be the culprit to your allergies. It might take quite a bit of trial and error to find out, but here are several things to look out for.

The most noticeable sign that you have an allergy to pets, is that when you come into contact with them, you start getting all the symptoms that hay fever sufferers do. For some even more severe cases, breathing difficulties might occur, from just touching a pet's bed, or cushion.

You might also develop itchy eyes if you pat a dog and touch your eyes after. To stop this from happening, always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after play with any pets. In spite of popular belief, it isn't the dog or cat's hairs that cause our immune system's to be trigger, it is in fact the dander of the creature.

What exactly is dander? The majority of animals constantly shed skin, just as we do and they're microscopic in size. The allergic reactions arise when we inhale these tiny particles of animal skin.

If one of your family members owns a dog, you might want to ask him or her to retrain the dog and not allow it to climb on the household furniture. Also, make sure you clean the house frequently as well as steam clean the carpets on a regular basis to reduce the severity of allergic reactions.

If you own a dog, you would have noticed that it scratches itself quite frequently. When this happens, it makes it very easy for the dog allergens to get distributed into the air around your home. For a minority of cases, even saliva from a dog could trigger a skin rash.

If you already have a pet and you really don't want to give it away, consider installing an air cleaner in your home to reduce airborne contaminants such as pet dander.

In case your allergies are particularly serious, you may need to spend a fair amount of money and install an air filter for your household to make sure that the air is thoroughly clean.

In case you are researching for a fix for allergies and to cleanse the air of pollutants, here is more information regarding home air purifiers as well as other excellent makes of allergy air cleaners.