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Modelers Hobby Tool Gift Pack

  • This set comes with all the tools you need to build models.
  • 5 essential items included.

This set comes with Testors liquid cement, a 3 pack of fine sable brushes, 1 sprue cutter, Testors assorted sand paper with different grits and A 16 piece hobby knife set. This set contains all the essentials to start building great looking model kits.

List Price: $ 22.00

Price: $ 22.00

A couple of weeks back, i was lucky enough to get an invite to meet Dave Eichstedt from Horizon Hobby"s, when he visited Australia, had no idea why me? but i wasn't going to miss out on meeting one of the great team members from Horizon so it was off to the field to see this years new release from Parkzone and E-Flite and i wasn't disappointed, they had the new Parkzone Extra300 and E-Flite LR-1A Pogo, both planes blew me away with quality of build and just the outright performance from both machines, truly awesome although not "Brand New" they also had a Parkzone Habu there and having never seen or heard one that too was a blast So sit back and enjoy 10 minutes, with all the info from Dave Eichstedt and the Australian Importer Mike O'Reilly about these 2 new planes from Horizon Hobby sorry about the quality of the flying footage but this was my first time at this sort of filming
Video Rating: 4 / 5