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Newborn Furniture Their Safety Standards

These days, there are just so many choices when it comes to buying nursery items for your newborn baby. However, as a parent, it is our duty to ensure that our babies will always be safe, and that means we need to purchase quality furniture that meets our country's safety standards.

How will you know what's safe and what's not? A great way is to ask family members or friends who have had babies and find out what the pitfalls of certain products may be. In addition, here are several other things for you to think about:

The sturdiness of the furniture, and the safety of the materials used in its construction. Pay attention also to age, weight and height restrictions as well. Anything too big or small for your infant could result in risk of injury. Consumer feedback is crucial too. How do others feel about the same item?

Checking this out is as easy as "ABC". The best places to go for product research are websites like Amazon or eBay where the popularity of the merchants are based upon user feedback - you'll be able to get more than enough information here.

Which Is Better, A Cot Or A Bassinet For My Infant?

A bassinet is appropriate for small babies and the advantage it has over a cot is that, it's easily mobile and you can keep your eye on your baby while he's napping, anywhere you want around your home.

When doing your research, you will need to look out for bad designs where the bassinet can be easily tipped over - check to also make sure it has wheels that come with brakes that can be locked for safety.

When is a cot better than a bassinet then? When you notice that your baby starts gaining the ability to roll over on his side, that's when you will need to upgrade your bassinet to a full-fledged cot. There are all sorts of cots available so spend your time looking for one that is sturdy as you'll be able to put it to use for a few years.

Whatever you do, don't install safety cushions to the cot to prevent your child from knocking themselves on the walls of the cot. You don't need this and these cushions have been associated with many cot deaths.

Keep the cot clean and clear of any items that could potentially suffocate or choke your baby. Such things include pillows, cushions or toys that may end up covering your baby's face or strangling its neck.

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