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Online Video Marketing Techniques and Advice

Online Video is all the rage with over 31 billion views in November 2009. So why aren't you using it to help market your company and products? You don't know how? Well we can help you get started with these quick tips but if you really want to learn more head to a place like ReelSEO they have a huge assortment of articles and are experts in the industry.

Fit your video to your messages. You need to really know what it is you want to tell people and then use a specific type of video. Starting a new firm or launching a new product? You need some sizzle and could do well with something that leaves them wanting more information. Increasing awareness of your product or firm? Many viral videos are viral because they're funny so this might be a good way to go. However, if you want to get valuable information about your products to the masses then you might do well with a video review to show how it works etc.

After you've got a grip on what you want to say you can start looking at some more technical points. The think you must do is include a way for the viewer to interact or get more information. That means dropping a link, contact information or other way for them to move forward. If you've got a product to sell then you need a call-to-action in the video. After all, if they are watching the video, they probably searched for the info and might be ready to buy. Give them the opportunity to do so.

Speaking of finding the video, another tip is to make sure you optimize your video for search engines. That means including the best possible metadata like title, description and keywords. On top of that you can also include text-based subtitles and closed captions. This not only gives more text for the search engines to find but it also includes information for those who can't hear or don't have sound capabilities on their PC (common in some work environments).

The whole point of a viral video is to have it spread itself. But that can be applied to all videos in any online video marketing campaign. If you give them a way to share with friends, family or through their websites and email, they will. If you provide them easy, quick links to Tweet, share on Facebook and myspace, they will. But that's all provided that your content has something valuable or funny that will make them want to share. This is helpful because it makes it easier for other people to find your video.

These are just a few online video marketing tips and there are hundreds more that will help you get up and running with an online video marketing campaign. Information is key to your strategy and you should be sure you have all the pertinent information prior to beginning. Sure, you could go to an agency and have them do it all for you. Or you could equip yourself with the proper tools and go do it yourself. It is a question of time versus money.

Many companies will want to hire a company that provides professional internet video marketing services. If your business needs the best video marketing services including video production, optimization, distribution, and viral video seeding, consider ReelSEO's services for marketing online videos.