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Quick Tips for Video Search Engine Optimization

Putting videos online is all the rage but is it really just as simple as uploading a video to YouTube or your website for people to find it? The simple answer is No. You need to do some work to make it search engine friendly just like all content needs to be on the Internet. So here are some quick tips on how to do just that.

Backlinks are Good - Backlinks are one-way links from other websites to your video. Google puts a lot of stock in these and the more you have the better it is. So what you need to do is create them. There are three quick ways that you can do that. First when you publish that video make sure you let the world know through a news blast, a press release or some other announcement that will get picked up and published. Be sure to put links to the video in them or they're useless. Second head to online directories, social bookmarking sites and the social networks and drop links to the video there because that's a lot of people who will be able to find it a lot quicker. Finally, keep your own media list that includes sites with forums and blogs that pertain to what your videos are covering. That will give you a personal network of people and sites where you can go and drop links yourself of ask them to do it for you. Bingo! Backlinks!

Subtitles and Captions - Not everyone can hear or speaks English so you need to make the information in your video as accessible as you can. That means subtitles and captions for your video. There are numerous services that can help with this and since many are saved as text files they are extra information that Google can use to determine how valid and important your video is when people are searching for that specific information. The other bonus is that even people who are at work and might not be able to listen to the sound of the video will get the message. It ensures the widest possible spread of the content of the video since you're giving it to people in as many forms of media as possible. Be sure to include a URL or contact information so people know where to go to get more info.

Submit to Multiple Sites with Multiple Titles - If you are going to post the video to your blog that's fine and dandy but also consider putting it on other video sites like YouTube, MetaCafe and more. You might even consider getting an application that will do the submissions for you automatically. When you do put the video on a range of sites be sure to use different titles but incorporate your core keywords in each one so that you rank higher on them and multiple times. Plus, if you have secondary keywords you can work them into some of the titles also to get ranked on those as well.

Yes this all sounds so simple right? Well it is, but if you don't do it you're sure to hardly ever generate traffic on your videos. So what are you waiting for? Even if you've got older videos on your site that are under-performing you can do all of this to get them revitalized and bringing you more traffic.

While these are some great tips, you may want to consider working directly with a company that provides professional video search engine optimization services. Consider the internet's most trusted source for video seo, ReelSEO.