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Shoulder Harness

The generic neck strap has got nothing on the shoulder harness. It’s like the Mercedes of all things that were created to carry … other things. It’s perfectly engineered. Truly, it’s apparent that the creator of this magnificent find knew exactly what he/she needed and must have spent what must have been years of their lives in coming up with this most perfect hauling system.

First of all, think of all of the practical uses for the shoulder harness. Just think! The most obvious ones that come to mind would probably be to use them for binoculars and cameras. Those, alone, would be enough. There are many more. Let’s focus on those, though. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who owns either a set of binoculars or a camera absolutely must invest in a shoulder harness. The explanation will follow.

Secondly, after all of the fantastic practical uses one can think of for the shoulder harness, there is of course the main base of appeal which is the comfort. Oh the exquisite joy. Oh the fantastic wonder of being able to strap your equipment to your shoulder harness and take a walk without ever feeling another kink in your neck again. It’s designed so perfectly that your neck feels absolutely no weight at all. Weightless.

Last but most certainly not least is the convenience that the extraordinary shoulder harness design provides. The stretchy, durable bands are adjustable for a convenient size change whether you’re loaning to others or simply adding layers of clothing. The simplicity of the design eliminates excess materials and bulge. The durability of the shoulder harness guarantees your focus will only be on what you want it to be. And the attachable clips in the front allow easy access for your equipment as well. Truly, there is no possible way to have made the shoulder harness any better than it already is. Period.

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