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So You Want A Garden Gazebo?

Gazebos first become popular in the US in the mid'00's Gazebos have been around for thousands of years and can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt, 5000 years ago where the were found in the gardens of royalty. Today they can still be found in the gardens of royalty along with gardens of the rest of us.

Ever since then, gazebos have been going in and out of popularity. Sometimes being seen as a status symbol, only to be outranked by some new status symbol such as the large porches that became popular at the turn of the last century, and again in the'40's when large patios were the current rage.

Sometimes during the'80's the Gazebo fever came back strongly, and have been on an upswing since then. The multitude of designs and materials and blueprints along with ready made gazebo kits can make deciding on a gazebo a fun and exciting journey.

Gazebos are most commonly constructed of wood or vinyl. Metal and Plastic glass is sometimes used. Bamboo is another material. The gazebos can be open or closed with ornate 2 tiered roofs, with elaborate wood work adorning the entire structure.

Take your time browsing the available gazebos. Or the available blue prints if you have decided to do the construction from scratch. What works with your garden, and your style? An elegant or rustic gazebo? Ornate with intricate design and beautiful details? Or plain and rustic?

So, you see, there are a lot of details you need to work out before you make a final decision on design. Will you construct a concrete floor, or make a wooden pad for the gazebo? Will you want a chimney to add a fireplace for chilly evenings? (Think roasted marshmallows and toddy)The only limit is your imagination. A garden gazebo will bring pleasure and beauty for your garden for many years to come.

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