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Sync Your Life To Your Phone With ActiveSync

Day after day at this time of age and era, the advancement of modern gadgets and computers are getting faster and more of the highest technology. One the most noted advancements of today is synchronization which is made easy and convenient with the help of ActiveSync.

ActiveSync will allow you to synchronize every file type that you need for your handheld device. This means that they need not be limited to documents alone but you can also put in the pictures, music files and even emails. Since this is one of the latest technologies when it comes to file synchronization, you may have a lot of questions about ActiveSync.

First question would be about the level of possibility for your computer files to sync with your mobile phone. All you have to do is install ActiveSync and then simply connect you mobile phone with the use of a cable, infrared or a BlueTooth.

Next is how to install this synchronization application to your computer. You just need to follow the instruction written on the disc included on the package. That disc is labeled as Windows Mobile Getting Started. Once you have installed it, the computer will automatically connect and recognize the handheld devices.

Third possible question might be about changes in setting with regards to the type of information. Yes this is possible but you must disconnect your device first before you can apply any changes in the settings. You can find this under the ActiveSync menu found in the Options for you to change any of the settings. And then click on Done when you are finished with the desired change.

You may also want to ask if it is possible to change the schedule of sync with your handheld device. Yes is once again the answer to this question and do not ever safely disconnect the device first before doing the change. You will need to go to the ActiveSync menu again and select schedules instead. You can change it depending on the kind of situation that your device prefers such as roaming features.

Final question might be about how to stop the synchronization. You just need to go to the ActiveSync menu again and then click simply on Stop. Choose Sync if you need to start it again.

ActiveSync is without a doubt a very good help for people. Now, getting the important files and mails to your device is very much easy because of this application and just use the files whenever you need them.

ActiveSync exchange server is a really cool application that will allow you to sync your contacts and calendars to your mobile phone. CalendarSync is an awesome feature that comes with ActiveSync. You should learn more today!