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Twilight Eclipse Trading Cards Hobby Box by NECA

RELEASE DATE : 06/07/2010

Twilight Eclipse Trading Cards Hobby Box / Case by NECA. Factory sealed mint condition. 24 Packs per box , 6 cards per pack. Orders of 10 boxes get a sealed case!

- Twilight Trading Card Box contains 24 Packs, each with 6 randomly inserted trading cards for a total of 144 cards.

-Great way to start hunting down all your favorite characters. Twilight Premium trading card collection include scenes from the movie, character cards and much more.

80 Base Cards


ECLIPSE (9 card puzzle) -1 in every 7 packs

WOLFPACK (6 card puzzle) -1 in every 11 packs

VOLTURI COVEN (6 card set) -1 in every 11 packs

PROTAGONISTS (3 card set) -1 in every 23 packs

MARRY ME (1 card) -1 in every 104 packs

Price: $ 52.00