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Two Dogs Are Better Than One!

I couldn't believe it- I, the committed cat person, who had thought of every possible reason never to own a dog, who hated the smell and the jumping and the licking and the mucky mess of them- I was rescuing a dog. There I was, speeding along the highway, following my friend Jody who had *my* new dog on his scooter. I'd slept on it for two days and finally decided that I would take the little mutt in. I examined the specimen on Jody's scooter. She was shivering, a fur covered bag of bones, her nose jutted into the wind and for some reason she was constantly licking the air. Lick Lick lick. With each flick of her little pink tongue I thought to myself, "What the heck am I doing?"

She had been abandoned outside a convenience store. I had passed her a million times since the first time I saw her, two weeks before. I'd taken her food and water, and finally decided that I just couldn't let her die. But how would I do it? I hate responsibility and being tied down. I loved having a cat- all I had to do was put a bunch of food and water down for her, and a litter box, and she was good to go. What was I going to do with this dog?

Over the next several weeks, Dresden (my mutts named after a German city that's been fire bombed) seemed to prove every fear that I had about adopting a dog. She peed on the floor. She chewed things up. She slept all day while I was gone, then when I got home exhausted, she had enough energy to power Manhattan. She kept me up all night whining and wanting to play. She cried terribly when I tried to leave, and would always try to bolt out the door when I left for work. I liked her, or at least I felt guilty for not liking her, which is almost like liking her, right?

Cut to two months later- I'm walking Dresden on the beach, and can't let her off the leash because she's in heat. What do I see ahead? ANOTHER DRESDEN! Except this Dresden is male.

Now let me tell you- my dog is weird looking. To see what must have been her twin is a strange coincidence, unless someone went up and down the coast abandoning puppies. Which is probably what happened. Let's just say that male Dresden took a fancy to female Dresden, who was in heat and attracting every dog within a 30 mile radius. I ran home, and this little male dog, though limping and terribly skinny (more of a skeleton than a dog) followed us the whole way. I put Dresden inside, and took out a bowl of food for the male dog- a dog-lover trying to help a stray? No, my plan was to lure him back to the beach and while he was distracted by the food- RUN!

I did it. Three times. It didn't work.

Finally it was time for me to go to work. Male Dresden was outside, howling at female Dresden, who was inside whining. I left. When I came home, male Dresden was inside the gate, laying on a makeshift bed, a bowl of food next to him. My landlord had taken him in thinking he was my dog! Aggggh! And fed him! Now he would never leave!

Every time I left the house, I had to fight off the amorous male Dresden who was trying to you know what the female Dresden (who is now happily spayed).

I took the little sucker in. Named him Romulus, after the mythical founder of Rome who was suckled by a wolf.

And a miracle happened. Shoes stopped being torn to shreds. When I arrived home, Dresden and Romulus greeted me with that special canine welcome frenzy, then they curled up together and.went to sleep. They had been playing all day. They had no need to keep me up all night. When I left for work, they both smiled wagging--- oh good, finally she's gone, let the games begin! When I took them to the beach, I didn't have to throw sticks or run with them- they ran circles around each other, and were awfully cute doing it.

Two dogs are better than one! I'm a cat person. If you asked me if you should adopt a dog, I'd say no. But if you asked me if you should adopt two dogs, I'd say hell yes.

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