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Types Of Dog Food That Canines Need For Good Health

Even though you could drive to the supermarket right now and get a 20-pound back of dog food, don't put any faith into the fact that it is healthy for your pet. There are some pet foods sold over the general market that are lacking in comparison to better types of dog foods that keep dogs healthy as can be.

Protein is of the several ingredients that should not be skipped out on. Protein is necessary for healthy growth and maintenance of the canine body, but we wary of "cheap" proteins that come from poor quality sources. Good protein comes from meat that is on par with the type of meat you would buy for your family. After all, the dog should be considered to be one of the family.

Fish isn't something that dogs eat a lot of; it's something that is more associated with cats. Fish has the essential fatty amino acids that is important for show dogs that need a fine coat and healthy exterior. It also stimulates the healing process. Herring and trout are common sources of fish in dog food products.

Wheat is a main ingredient in high-level dog foods. Corn is usually its substitute among cheaper imitation brands since it is so cheap. Corn is hard for a pet to digest, although it is healthy at the same time. Wheat can be finely ground and easily consumed, yet also has plenty of key nutrients necessary for pet health. Wheat has carbohydrates in it that will fuel a dog's energy levels all day long.

Rice isn't so popular in western societies for human consumption as it is in the east, but it is something put into dog food quite a bit. Rice has the ability of keeping the digestion system of the dog running smoothly. It can sometimes remedy a small problem in digestion, but if your dog has serious problems you should seek professional help. Otherwise, rice ingredients are good for long term health of the digestion system.

Foods that are free of synthetic additives and such are considered to be organic. Organic dog food is healthy because it doesn't have all of the ingredients in the dog food that aren't found in nature. It's the same reason why eating fresh foods at the dinner table will yield a healthier family than one who eats frozen and canned food. Buy organic food when you can, but be aware it may be more expensive to purchase.

In Conclusion

Canines don't live as long as humans, so it is important to treat them right so long as they are enjoying their time with a family. Reconsider the food you feed your canine, and make changes as necessary to verify your dog will not be malnourished or unhealthy.

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