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Types Of Foods You Should Not Feed Your Pet Canine

You can feed a dog just about anything, and odds are, the dog will eat it up without thinking twice. This is a cause of concern for pet owners, as there are many types of foods that will do damage to the health of a dog. It's important to learn which foods should be avoided to keep dogs healthy.

Onion of any kind can do serious damage to a dog. Onion has the potential to cause anemia in dogs, and should be avoided at all costs. Even products derived from onion, such as onion salt or onion powder, can still cause damage to the dog. It is so serious that even cooking a steak with onion would mean that giving the dog a cut of the steak is out of the question, for fear of health concerns of anemia.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that can also harm your dog. You find xylitol in most types of gum, as it is an artificial sweetener. It is also the main ingredient in alternative sugar substitutes. The sweetener can cause liver failure if eaten in moderate quantities, so it's best to avoid your dog eating it even in small amounts.

Dairy products and dogs do not mix very well. There are some dogs that are able to "stomach" dairy products, but not every dog has the proper digestive system to take care of the enzymes in most dairy products. This includes milk, sour cream, cheese, and products derived from any of these products. If you notice your dog has diarrhea, it's possible the problem is with dairy.

Two things to always stay away from would include caffeine, and a special emphasis on chocolate as it contains caffeine. Caffeine will speed up the system of the dog and lead to major heart problems that often result in death. Because it is so serious, caffeine in any shape or form should never be given to a dog. Caffeine can also cause the dog to become hyperactive, which given the circumstances, will be fatal to the dog.

Dog diets are hard to balance, since every breed of dog can be different. Each individual dog will also have different likes, tastes, and personality. Focus on building a well-balanced diet instead of feeding a dog table scraps or solely "human food." Otherwise the proteins and fats may be off balanced, and could lead to health issues later on.

Closing Comments

Feeding a dog is a science. You have to show responsibility in caring for your dog, and brush up on other foods that you should not feed to him or her. Otherwise you may cause unintentional harm to your dog, and in some cases, could face actual legal charges.

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