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UFC To Get A New Investor

Current WWE executive, and Vice President Shane McMahon, who will leave the company at the beginning of January, is looking into the possibility of buying a financial interest within the UFC, and has cashed out $50 of his $80 million dollars in WWE stock to do so.

UFC President Dana White has always said that he would be willing to let someone take a 'piece of the pie' in his billion dollar empire, and while it may seem unorthodox, Shane McMahon would be the perfect partner. It is reported that Shane and the UFC President have already had meetings, and Shane was also present in the crowd at UFC 91.

It is well documented that UFC are now overtaking the WWE in PPV sales, but whereas WWE has had a 10 year head start on the UFC, Shane believes it will never reach the heights that it did in the early 1990's, and the UFC's merchandise sales are still suffering. This is where McMahon comes in.

He is well known for securing large international business deals, something the UFC has been trying to do for two years, and during the UFC Fight Club last week in Vegas, Dana White declined to discuss anything that was said in the meeting with McMahon, just citing him as "a good friend" and "you never know."

I know what you are thinking "this sounds a bit weird with the WWE Shane McMahon buying into the UFC" but all in all this could be an excellent peace of business for the UFC. Shane McMachon has a wealth of business knowledge that can only enhance the UFC image worldwide. The only downside is when people think of Shane McMahon they think of the WWE which can't be good for the UFC. As we all know WWE is completely unreal a bit like a pantomime with good and bad guys. The UFC however is the complete opposite! Will this have a negative effect on the UFC? I personally don't think so! However if that thought comes to me then I'm sure it will come to other people.

Either way, without Shane McMahon the UFC will continue to grow its numbers worldwide!

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