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Understanding Tax Foreclosure Properties

Tax foreclosure properties are homes or other real estate that are sold to investors. They are usually acquired when an owner doesn't pay the property tax that is associated with the real estate they own after three years. The property is granted a two year time frame in which the homeowner is expected to pay what is due on the property. If the account is not made current within the two years, the property is deeded to the county. These homes are then placed up for auction and sold to the highest bidder. The new buyer holds the rights to the home, as long the money owed is not paid.

Even inexperienced investors can buy properties for cheap. These properties are found all over the place and are listed in the newspapers and many periodicals as well as on the Internet. In order to buy a home, the soon-to-be homeowner must be present at the auction as bids start. In some geographic locations, you may be charged a 10% non-refundable fee when you buy a property. A temporary certificate is given to the owner at the time of sale until a deed can be prepared. This usually happens in about 60 days.

If the buyer of a property does not respond to the notification after about 30 days, then failure to finalize the purchase will result in the loss of the down payment. The property is then offered to the next highest bidder or placed back in action block for the next available action. All properties sold at these actions are sold "as is" and are conveyed through a quit claim deed.

These real estate properties are pretty easy to find either through local public records or online. Contacting a Realtor is a useful way to find great deals. Make sure you investigate the real estate because a lot of them need extensive work and repair. But, if you're up fr the challenge, the investment can be very rewarding.

After you find a nice area to search for these tax foreclosure properties, you'll need to weigh all costs involved. Get as many estimates as you can of what the home is really worth and what the cost of repair will be. Do this before you buy. Make sure that you understand the rules involved in the auction as the rules can vary in each state.

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