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Virtues of A Genie Garage Door Opener

When shopping for a new garage door opener, one of the first names one will come across is "Genie". The Genie company has been around since the early twenties, and in 1954 they produced their very first model of Genie garage door openers.

Having had over fifty years to improve and perfect their models, the respect Genie is getting is well deserved, and the result is that Genie is sold all around the world.

When you purchase a Genie garage door opener, you not only get a dependable, quality product, manufactured by a very reputable manufacturer, you also get the convenience that comes along with a product that is sold virtually everywhere.

Another plus with the Genie openers is that many of them are suitable for the homeowner to install on his or her own.The manual will spell out whether your unit is easy enough to do on your own, or of you need to hire a professional. The manual will also guide you to as what tools you will need.

To increase security you can get a genie opener with the "Intellicode". The intellicode means that the wavelength that will open the door is reset every time the remote is used. This will prevent anyone to be able to "read" your code and access your garage and home. This author had a nightmare after purchasing a new home where the builder had installed an inferior type of garage door opener. Everyday we arrived home our garage door was open. it had been opened by someone else in the new neighborhood using their opener. This would have been prevented had an opener like Genie with the intellicode been used.

A Genie garage door opener is definitely a smart choice. Easy to install, quiet and smooth operation along with the security aspects, makes Genie a great option for your new garage door opener.

Genie Garage Door Openers are amongst the best openers on the market. Visit us today for the latest on Clicker Garage Door Openers. We are dedicated to garage door openers.