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What Happens In The Event That Your Puppy Is Teething

Puppies love chewing on everything they can get their paws on and though it might get you frustrated that you lost your favorite pair of shoes, screaming at the pup will do no good.

When a puppy goes through its teething period, it just can't be helped and unlike full-grown dogs, they know no better. The only thing you can do is keep your precious things out of the puppy's reach.

It is very important that during this stage, the type of food that you feed your puppy is crucial. Since they have sensitive teeth, puppies need specially prepared food that isn't too hard for them to chew and swallow. Sometimes the teething problem can be bad enough that your dog just will not want to eat. If this happens for a consecutive days, visit the vet for professional advise.

Chewing on anything that might splinter like wood or bones should be avoided though you can buy special chewing bones from the pet store designed for dogs with overly sensitive teeth. Chewing on these type of objects should be encouraged as it can help your dog get past this stage of its life.

Whatever you give your dog to chew, make sure the objects do not have any loose bits that might come off and choke your puppy. Also avoid any old toys that might have poisonous chemicals present in the paint or material. Good toys for chewing can be rubber balls or rubber bones - these are perfectly safe.

Some other safety precautions that you will have to take when you bring a new puppy into your home is to ensure that any electrical cables and cords are kept away from the puppy - especially the live ones!

Getting a in-house dog fence is a great idea to prevent your puppy from roaming to hazardous locations around your home. They're an effective and inexpensive solution to keep your dog safe until it grows a little older. You will find these pet fences readily available for you to order on the internet.

You will have to take responsibility and pay close attention to the puppy over the next few months until the teething period is over. That includes not letting it run about outside your home. Always be there to supervise or invest in a dog run to keep your pet safe.

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